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Is Your Best Friend Constipated?

Constipation may not be a topic you’d choose for daily conversation, but it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another – and we realize how debilitat…



Constipation Just a Human Issue? I Think…

Statistics show constipation in humans is an extremely common and sometimes very expensive issue. Too often people end up in the doctor’s office or emergency room when the problem becomes painful or even potentiall…



Do Pets Need to Detox Just Like People?

In recent years we have seen a drastic increase in the number of people in this country who are overweight and obese. This has led to a scary increase in many chronic health conditions ranging from diabetes and metabolic…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 04.26.15

chellamia on What infared portable sauna…

I finally decided to buy the solo sauna made by Sunlighten in the US.  It is not the tent type you see on Amazon and the reason I decided on this one was because they convinced me they had the only third party resea…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 04.24.15

spafool on What infared portable sauna d…

I would like to buy a sauna also and have no idea what to buy. I was looking at the little tent kind where your head sticks out because that is what I can afford. I would put it in my finished basement with a ceiling hei…


Digestive Wellness Community

Posted: 04.21.15

accm00t on shoulder pain…

Still struggling with pain in my right mid back.  I keep thinking gall bladder.  I see a gastro doctor late May.  Meanwhile I up my engymes when I think a food might cause a disturbance.  Thanks for l…


Skinny Gut, Vibrant You Promo

Why did you write The Skinny Gut Diet?

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Brenda Watson on The Suzanne Show Discussing Probiotics

Sandi’s Chocolate Pumpkin Treats

For a treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without adding on the pounds, these chocolate pumpkin cups are the perfect choice. I keep them on hand for a sweet treat without the sugar. These chocolate cups have only 0.5 t…


Roasted Brussels Sprout Leaves and Leeks

I have found that even the most devote Brussels sprouts haters actually love to eat the leaves. That’s good news because these nutritious veggies are so good for you and your liver. I like to use my hands when prep…


Fresh Cranberry Relish Delight

This delicious relish is a new twist on an old favorite. A refreshing hint of sweet without all the sugar, this cranberry delight is sure to please. 15 minutes to prepare Serves 16 1 large unpeeled orange, cut into wedge…


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