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Great News—Colon Cancer Incidence Decreasing

by Brenda Watson


I love spreading the word when good news comes out. Sadly, it seems the Internet is ripe with bad news these days. Shocking headlines get more clicks, so sometimes it can feel as though bad news is all there is. Today I have some good news to help ... Read more.

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy—To Do or Not To Do?

by Brenda Watson


You may have heard that eating fish during pregnancy is good for you. Conversely, you may have also heard that you should limit your fish intake during pregnancy. What’s a soon-to-be mama to do with all the conflicting advice? I’d like to help clear ... Read more.

Changes in Gut Microbes of Infants Greater than We Thought

by Leonard Smith, M.D.


It has generally been considered that an infant’s gut microbial composition resembles that of an adult by the age of about 12 months. Gut bacterial composition during the first year of life is in flux, with great variation seen between infants and ... Read more.

A Test for Early Alzheimer’s

by Brenda Watson


It sometimes seems as though the research behind Alzheimer’s disease moves forward at a snail’s pace. There are still no effective medications for the disease, no way to prevent it, and little hope that it can be detected early. But researchers at ... Read more.

World Health Organization’s Recommendations to Cut Sugar Intake in Half Aren’t Enough

by Brenda Watson


In a new dietary proposal, the World Health Organization (WHO) is advising that sugar intakes drop from 10 percent of total calories to 5 percent. They base their recommendations on two papers that found added sugars increase body mass index (BMI), ... Read more.

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enyaslyric on Mysterious Digestive Issues

Digestive Wellness Community


Hi Brenda,

I asked some questions for myself, but I hope you don't mind if I ask a few more to try and help my brother. He has complained of stomach upset for years, and has been to a number of doctors and had tests with no ... Read more.

enyaslyric on HCL Betaine with pepsin-is it necessary?

Digestive Wellness Community


Greetings Brenda,


It's been a long while. I hope you are well :)

From our previous exchanges I just wanted to clarify if you felt taking HCL Betaine with pepsin is safe?

As to my current condition, I used ... Read more.

bonita on probiotic

Digestive Wellness Community


i recentley finished a round of ultimate flora probiotic 200 billion and cant tell much difference in my digestive tract.i have burning at both ends when going to the bathroom.the doctors have checked my urine and also done a urine culture and ... Read more.

smithl1232005 on Yellow stools and greasy toilet bowl

Digestive Wellness Community


Oh yes, I went to the doctor the other day and my blood pressure is down to 124/80 which isnt perfect, but its way better than it has been.

I am a long distance bicycle rider (50 in a day) and thats why I couldnt understand why my blood ... Read more.

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