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Hallmark Channel Features Ultimate Flora Probiotics

by Brenda Watson


In case you missed it, a recent episode of the Hallmark Channel daytime talk show Home & Family featured a topic I’m pretty passionate about… probiotics! Hosts Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare talked to renowned nutrition specialist Dr. Melina ... Read more.

Great News—Colon Cancer Incidence Decreasing

by Brenda Watson


I love spreading the word when good news comes out. Sadly, it seems the Internet is ripe with bad news these days. Shocking headlines get more clicks, so sometimes it can feel as though bad news is all there is. Today I have some good news to help ... Read more.

Fish Consumption During Pregnancy—To Do or Not To Do?

by Brenda Watson


You may have heard that eating fish during pregnancy is good for you. Conversely, you may have also heard that you should limit your fish intake during pregnancy. What’s a soon-to-be mama to do with all the conflicting advice? I’d like to help clear ... Read more.

Changes in Gut Microbes of Infants Greater than We Thought

by Leonard Smith, M.D.


It has generally been considered that an infant’s gut microbial composition resembles that of an adult by the age of about 12 months. Gut bacterial composition during the first year of life is in flux, with great variation seen between infants and ... Read more.

A Test for Early Alzheimer’s

by Brenda Watson


It sometimes seems as though the research behind Alzheimer’s disease moves forward at a snail’s pace. There are still no effective medications for the disease, no way to prevent it, and little hope that it can be detected early. But researchers at ... Read more.

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Elina on HIGH FIBER generally and RENEW LIFE

Digestive Wellness Community


Good afternoon, Brenda and team!

First of all, thank you for your existing. My topic is about High Fiber, strongly recommended by Brenda for the general body cleansing and especially for Candida treatment.

I ... Read more.

bwatson on Apraxia. and sensory/anxiety in our 3 year old

Digestive Wellness Community


Dear Jill,

It sounds as though you're on a good course. The Practitioner recommendations you shared seem reasonable under the circumstances, and only you can decide if you're comfortable with them. 

If you have any doubts, you might ... Read more.

enyaslyric on HCL Betaine with pepsin-is it necessary?

Digestive Wellness Community



You caught me- I have been consuming much more carbs/sugar lately. I didn't make the connection between that and the bloating! More incentive to get back on the clean eating wagon.

I am pretty good about limiting cheese ... Read more.

bwatson on HCL Betaine with pepsin-is it necessary?

Digestive Wellness Community


Dear Kris,

Your continued gas and bloating clearly suggest too much fermentation in your gut - some type of dysbiosis = microbial imbalance. It could be yeast, bacteria, both. In any case, your gut is definitely out of balance for you to ... Read more.

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