Last Call…Your Liver Speaks Up
Your liver makes an important point. When you drink, alcohol turns your world upside-down, blunting your central nervous system and scrambling information from the sensory organs, especially the eyes and ears.

Look Your Best this Holiday Season
‘Tis the season to gain weight, not lose it. But if you take a deep breath, relax and do a little planning, you can lose those unwanted pounds and be at your most impressively svelte by the time the first party rolls around. Your secret weapon? Fiber in your weight loss program.

Starving the Yeast Monster
The first sign of a yeast infection may be your sweet tooth. While beneficial bacteria (or probiotics) that normally keep your digestive tract functioning smoothly prosper on fruits & vegetables, microorganisms like Candida albicans, a harmful yeast, flourish on refined carbohydrates and processed foods.


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