Quick Tips for Giving Summer Colds the Slip

Boost Immunity with Probiotics.
Daily probiotic supplements can help crowd out pathogens that may cause cold symptoms.

Add More Vitamin C.
Studies show that taking vitamin C at the onset of a cold helps reduce the length of illness.

Wash Your Hands.
Crowded public areas can easily become contaminated with germs. Frequently washing your hands helps prevent the spread of illness.

Clean Your Air Vents.
Regularly clean your air conditioning filters to avoid trapped dusts, mold, and allergens.

Get Plenty of Rest.
A good night’s sleep (8 full hours) goes a long way toward keeping summer colds at bay.

Drink Plenty of Water.
Keep your body well-hydrated by drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day.

Summer Colds are No Match
for the Power of Probiotics

Ah, summer. Time to get outdoors and melt away the winter chill. Time to break out the flip-flops and hit the beach. To pack up the picnic basket and head to the park. Time to… to… ah… ah-CHOO! Uh-oh, not again. The dreaded summer cold. And just when you thought you had left behind the sniffling, sneezing, days of tissue-filled frustration. But not this year, no sir. This year you’re ready for those pesky germs and their penchant for runny noses.

Your secret: the power of probiotics.

Probiotics are the beneficial bacteria in your gut that keep harmful pathogens from moving in and making themselves at home. In fact, studies have shown that these microscopic organisms help maintain a healthy balance of good/neutral bacteria to harmful bacteria in the digestive tract (about 80/20, respectively). This is especially important when you consider that more than 70% of your immune system is located in your digestive tract, and when that favorable balance is upset, your health can suffer as a result.

In studies probiotics have been shown to enhance immune function and help prevent illness—especially during peak cold and flu seasons—but as powerful as they may be, factors such as diet, stress, and illness can diminish their numbers and disturb an otherwise healthy intestinal environment; repeated antibiotic use can also be detrimental. Although their intended purpose is to get rid of harmful bacteria, antibiotics typically wipe out existing good bacteria as well. This allows unhealthy bacteria to flourish in the gut and may lead to intestinal issues such as diarrhea and constipation. For this reason, it may be best to think twice before phoning the doctor at the first sign of a seasonal sniffle.

Multitasking Microflora
In addition to their role in boosting immunity, probiotics may offer a multitude of benefits for the whole body. Because of their prevalence in a healthy digestive tract, research indicates that they may help prevent Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease. For women, specific strains of microflora may help support vaginal and urinary tract health, thus preventing the discomfort of a yeast or urinary tract infection.

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Infants and young children may also benefit from taking a daily probiotic supplement to help boost immunity and prevent recurring illness. Supplying additional good bacteria throughout the early years may also help prevent the onset of allergies in children and adolescents, since they have been shown to help support the intestinal lining by prohibiting allergens from entering the digestive tract.

Bring on the Bifido
Many of us are familiar nowadays with acidophilus, but in reality this strain of Lactobacilli—the most prevalent good bacteria in a healthy small intestine—is just one of many probiotic strains shown to boost immunity and support overall health. Look for a daily probiotic supplement that also includes a high Bifidobacteria count. Bifidobacteria are the most prevalent good bacteria in a healthy large intestine, and research has shown that a combination of both types of bacteria is most effective at supporting overall digestive and immune health.

Smooth Sailing
Similar to their winter siblings, many summer colds are caused by viruses and often produce unpleasant symptoms such as a sore throat, persistent cough, nasal congestion and sinus pressure, as well as the occasional headache or fever. The only difference this season is that you know what to do before the sniffling even starts: Stock up on probiotics and send your summer cold packing.

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Summer Colds Are No Match for the Power of Probiotics
The dreaded summer cold. And just when you thought you had left behind the sniffling, sneezing, days of tissue-filled frustration. But not this year, no Sir. This year you're ready for those pesky germs and their penchant for runny noses. So what's your secret? Probiotics.
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