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Are Parasites Causing Your Sugar Cravings, Joint Pain, Fatigue, and Gas and Bloating?


A parasite is an organism that lives by feeding upon another organism. Parasites living in the human body feed on our cells, our energy, our blood, the food we eat and even the supplements we take.

There are several types of parasites: protozoa are single-celled organisms that are only visible under a microscope, while worms come in all sizes from threadworms, that measure less than one centimeter, to tapeworms that grow up to 12 meters in length.

 • Diarrhea or Constipation
 • Gas, Bloating, Cramps
 • Irritability / Nervousness
 • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
 • Persistent Skin Problems
 • Fatigue
 • Insomnia/ Disturbed Sleep
 • Anemia
 • Muscle Cramps
 • Teeth Grinding
 • Post Nasal Drip
 • Sugar Cravings
 • Allergies
 • Rectal Itching
 • Brain Fog
 • Pain in the Umbilicus
 • Bed-wetting
Keep reading to take a parasite self test.

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Take The Parasites Self Test

Answer each question below. If you score 3 or higher, then a parasite cleanse may be helpful to you.

1. Do you experience regular fatigue and/or muscle aches and pains?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

2. Do you experience normal bowel movements with bouts of intermittent diarrhea or constipation?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

3. Do you have unexplained weight loss and/or fever?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

4. Do you have a distended belly?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

5. Do you grind your teeth while you sleep?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

6. Do you have dark circles under your eyes and/or acne?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

7. Do you have insomnia or disturbed sleep?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

8. Have you traveled outside of the United States?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

9. Do you regularly eat unpeeled raw fruit and/or vegetables?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

10. Do you have pets that sleep in bed with you or do you
eat after contact with your pets?

     YES ( ) NO ( )  (YES = 1 NO = 0) _____

Total Score ____

A score of 3 or higher indicates you may be suffering from Parasites. Visit this link to learn more about parasites: http://www.brendawatson.com/pdf/parasites.pdf

How do I Promote the Detoxification of Parasites from the Body?

1. Internal parasite and Candida cleanse.

2. Strict diet excluding carbohydrates.

3. Maintain good intestinal bacteria using probiotics.

4. Supplement with a fiber supplement to absorb toxins from cleansing.

5. Supplement with enzymes and hydrochloric acid to digest food and deter parasites in the stomach.

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