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Natural Supplements Help Kids Become Healthy Adults

Teaching kids about the benefits of a properly functioning digestive system is about as easy as getting them to choose lima beans over lollipops. But the truth is that good digestion is the key to helping them stay healthy during the early years as well as into adulthood. When our bodies are able to completely digest the foods we eat, we can then absorb the nutrients we need to stay fit and active. Not only that, but the digestive tract is home to more than 70% of our natural immune defenses.

The Fantastic Three: Fiber, Probiotics and Enzymes

So where should parents start when it comes to choosing the right nutritional supplements for kids? Begin with the basics—fiber, probiotics, and enzymes. Together, these three essential supplements help to establish and maintain a solid foundation of optimum digestion and overall well being.

Fiber: The Powerhouse

Healthy bowel elimination is just as important for kids as it is for adults, and fiber provides the bulk necessary for regular, well-formed stools. Fiber-rich foods also support healthy blood sugar, which helps manage your child’s hunger and prevent unhealthy snacking during the day. And according to the American Heart Association, raising kids on a high-fiber diet promotes heart health in adulthood.

Probiotics: The Immune Booster

The digestive tract is home to trillions of bacteria, including beneficial microbes called probiotics that help to crowd out harmful microorganisms and promote healthy digestive and immune function. Daily supplementation with a natural probiotic formula helps maintain a balanced intestinal environment and keep kids healthy, especially during peak seasons.

Enzymes: The Digestive Defender

Enzymes are natural substances found in raw, whole foods that help to break down our food and make it easier for the body to absorb its valuable nutrients. Because cooking and processing destroys these natural digestion helpers, children’s health and nutrition experts recommend taking an enzyme supplement with every meal to boost digestive function.

Setting the Example

By providing kids with the nutritional support they need to look and feel their best every day, parents can become role models for healthy living. Talk to your kids about the benefits of a properly functioning digestive system. Put them on the path toward better digestion and health for life.

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