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Exercise & Deep Breathing

Exercise and Deep Breathing Aid Detoxification Exercise is an important element in a health-building regimen. It is also very important in the detoxification process. When we breathe in and out, the flow of lymph through the body is stimulated. It has long been known that exercise stimulates this movement of lymphatic fluid, but the role of breathing wasn't entirely recognized until technology provided the means to photograph the lymph flow process. This direct observation shows that deep breathing causes the lymph to shoot through the capillaries like a geyser. The key word here is 'deep.' Deep breathing is the kind that best stimulates lymph flow. Breathing deeply helps eliminate poisons from the cells, and also enhances immunity, since the lymphatic system is actually part of the immune system.

Deep breathing enhances immunity by eliminating toxins. While the heart is the pump for the vascular system, the lymphatic system has no real pump: It depends upon movement (exercise) and breath for stimulation. Properly used, the lungs act as sort of a suction pump for the lymphatic system.

Combining Deep Breathing with Exercise

Combining deep breathing with exercise - even gentle exercise like jumping on a rebounder (mini-trampoline) - will do much to improve lymph flow and thus the body's detoxification ability and general state of health. Yoga is another tool to stimulate lymph flow, one that focuses on stretching and controlled breathing. It's empowering to know that something as simple and (free) as breathing can be used as a powerful tool to build health.

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