Brenda Watson

Daily Health Journal

Often, when I encounter people dealing with a lot of symptoms—digestive or otherwise—I suggest they write out a list of the foods they eat for an entire day. This gives me a glimpse of their digestion, and what might be contributing to their symptoms.

Many people think they eat a "healthy" diet, but when it comes down to it, the term ìhealthyî has a broad range of interpretations, many of them not so healthy. Ahem.

Tracking what you eat throughout the day and the week can be a valuable tool to help you determine what foods may be triggering your symptoms. It's not a cure-all, but it can really help you on your way to optimal health. I created a Daily Health Journal that will help you track your food and drink intake each day along with any supplements you take, medications, exercise, mood, energy and stress level, bowel movements, health symptoms and more.

By filling out the Daily Health Journal each day, you will begin to recognize patterns. You will see that certain foods, drinks, supplements or medications make you feel certain ways.

For example, you may find that if you drink half your body weight (in ounces) in water each day along with consuming at least 35 g of fiber, you may regain bowel regularity. By using the Daily Health Journal, you may discover many things you didn't realize about how the foods you eat affect how you feel. With so many things to track, you can really begin to pinpoint what ails you. Then, you can begin to make changes by eliminating those factors contributing to poor health, and increasing those that make you feel good.

I want everyone to benefit from this, so I am offering the Daily Health Journal as a free download from my website. Click here for your free Daily Health Journal. Now, put it to good use! Share it with others and let me know if it was able to help you get a handle on your health.

If you follow your daily health journal for a few weeks and are still unable to determine which foods are contributing to your symptoms, an elimination diet might be helpful. Click here for information about an Elimination /Detox Diet that I developed with Sarah Schatz from Food sensitivities may be at the heart of your health concerns.



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