Brenda Watson

Poop Chronicles

by the Detox Diva Brenda Watson

Part I: It’s All About the Poop

We all poop–we’d be in real big trouble if we didn’t! Some of us analyze it on a daily basis, and others just want to know more about it. And then there are some who want the scoop, but don’t want anyone to know about it. Wherever you fall on the poop scale let’s be honest, the satisfaction of a good poop cannot be underestimated.

But what exactly constitutes a good poop?

I have been analyzing poop professionally for around 20 years, so I feel after looking at thousands of poops I am more than qualified to give my view on what healthy poop is and what it is not. I have seen plenty of both. And yes, by the way, I do look into the toilet every day. If something looks a little scary, I sometimes get a spoon and check it out. Now don’t raise your eyebrows at me, if poop were your business you’d be doing the same thing.

I am–amongst other things–a colon therapist. Never in my misspent youth, or wildest dreams did I ever ponder that poop would become my profession. But now that it is, I am going to pontificate on what poop should look like, smell like, and be shaped liked. I will describe how it should come out, hit the water, the consistency and the big question–“should it float or sink?” So, let’s start with how it should leave the body: ...Continue Reading Poop Scoop Part 1 >

Part II: What’s Sex Got to do With It?

Are Sex and Poop Really Connected?

Go ahead—do a double-take. Sex and Poop…yes, you read that correctly. The truth is ladies, two of the things we do most frequently (or wish we did) actually have a lot in common when it comes to how they make us feel. Don’t believe me?

Okay, think about it this way – having sex is one thing, but having good sex is quite a different experience altogether, agreed? Be honest, how many of you have an orgasm every time you have sex? Not many, I’ll bet, but wouldn’t it be great if you did? Just like it would be great if you had a complete, effective bowel movement every time you went to the bathroom. Are you starting to see the connection now?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked with women who have been constipated and then have a really good bowel movement, they tell me, “Wow! That was better than sex.” Well, I don’t know if they know how true this statement really is! Why wouldn’t sex—not to mention your sex drive—be related to how you poop? It all has to do with how you feel inside your body, and two things that can affect how you feel in a BIG way are sex and poop. ...Continue Reading Poop Scoop Part 2 >

The goal of the ”Poop Chronicles” is to get you comfortable with looking at your poop. If it helps you get a handle on your overall health just by looking in the toilet every day, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If all you have to do is look down before you flush - for sixty seconds - check out my POOP SCOOP tips and you’re all set.



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