Digestive Care Expert Brenda Watson


Brenda Watson has dedicated her life and her career to helping people restore and maintain vibrant health through natural digestive care. Here’s what they have to say:

A few weeks ago, I listened to your talk on PBS ( I have been using your supplement for years!) and then went on your website. And somewhere you mentioned gluten sensitivity and celiac disease and a test that could be done to detect it. At the time I was feelong so sick with headaches,VERY foggy mind, aches and pains, diarrhea and I felt there was inflamatio everywhere in my body. I contacted Entero Lab (they are great!) did the test and I am positive. I changed my diet and I feel great! Thank you do much.  -Kali
A few years ago I was suffering from severe fatigue. I was just tired all the time, and no matter what I did, it just kept getting worse. I went to several different doctors and had so many tests done—bloodwork, CAT scans, X-rays—you name it, I had it done. Eventually I was referred to an infectious disease doctor, but after another round of testing, even he said there was nothing wrong with me and he just told me to go home and rest!! It was so frustrating, and that’s when I finally turned to Brenda who told me “Katie, it’s all in your gut” and it was…and she changed my life! One of the first things she did was a comprehensive stool analysis (yes, that means a poop test!), and with her help I discovered that all my health problems were starting in my gut. So after balancing my system with the help of pharmaceuticals, natural supplements, and cutting things out of my diet like refined sugar, dairy, wheat and gluten, I now feel amazing. Thank you, Brenda!
-Watch Katie's Story
Dear Brenda,
I saw your program on PBS, Dallas a few years ago. I started getting 35 grams of fiber and in two years, I have lost 20 pounds-really without even trying. I am 68 years old and weigh 125 pounds now and the Doctor I have, said I am the perfect weight for my height and frame. I guess one of the biggest benefits is that I am no longer constipated - like I was all of my life. I worked at dieting with different progams but nothing worked before the fiber diet.

I poop and toot more but at my age, who cares? I am healthy and my skin is very young looking. Thank you for your journey!   -Sue Weaver-Sherman, Texas
Even though I am going through a bump in the road, I cannot stress enough how much you have influenced my future! I have come such a long way, (physically, emotionally, mentally) and I thank God for the knowledge you have brought to my life. I now know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You have profoundly changed my life and my parents lives. I know it sounds like such a cliche but you are my hero and will always be in my family's prayers. Read more...
By the grace of God I found and bought all of Brenda's books – they lay at my bedside during my time of 'RESET' for constant re-affirmation. The best is Gut Solution and Detox. They need to be required reading for every person in High School……………. I am on the road to MUCH IMPROVED HEALTH. I no longer have raging rosaea, my face now glows. I no longer feel like I MUST eat every 2 hours, I am free from food addiction. I no longer have a distented belly! I have lost weight, but I try not to focus on that for now. My health is priority and my weight will follow. No more headaches. No joint pain AT ALL. No more depression. Hair stopped falling out and it actually shines. Thank you Brenda (and God too!) - without your books to guide me I would not be feeling so much better now.!!!!! Read more...
Why my joints were in such pain. Doctors, physio therapy, accupuncture, and no answer. Finally a trip to a real good colon hydrotherapist, a diet, and I found Brenda's Gut Soulutions there. With the answers comes hope. My Crohn's is causing me to have arthritis. No more ibuprofin while on pantasa and the right diet. Now I can work again. Thanks Brenda.  -Cathy


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